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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 18, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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xxx hi, snoo hi snoo xxx hi everybody. i'm beth troutman. xxx shocking individual yof of two little girls who quickly walk across the street back to their homes. look what happens. dude gets a visitor from the brown bear walking up on the situation here.
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see is moment it all sinks in. >> there it is. >> and a virtual reality has reeled this girl in. >> i don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. >> yeah. >> what she's watching that has her losing it. a family in sydney, australia, hopes dash cam footage serves as a warning for over drivers and other people in a neighborhood. in this footage, you see some young children at the ice cream truck. they're getting their ice cream bars. there's a 5-year-old girl and a 6-year-old little girl. they're so excited to have that ice cream in hand that they quickly run back across the street towards their home to get out of the rain. but watch what happens. >> oh, my goodness. >> the dash cam cashes the moment a neighbor comes driving past and strikes both of these little girls. what you see flying across the
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screen is the shoes of one of those little girls. >> it's a neighborhood and this person lives there. you've got to go slow but i mean, the kids ran out in the street without looking. >> that's exactly right. in fact, the family members of the small children, they don't blame the driver at all because you'll notice that they run out directly from in front of that ice cream truck. the driver didn't have any time to see the children or to react. so the family members wanted people to see this video so other parents of small children will teach road safety to their young children, but also to remind drivers that when you are in a neighborhood, that you do need to maintain safe speeds. and this driver, in fact, was maintaining a safe speed and had this driver been going faster, these girls may have been killed. but because of the speed of this driver, these young girls suffered only minor injuries after being taken to the hospital for treatment. two really close encounters with animals, two different outcomes. you start in alaska. this is in the mcneil river
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state game sanctuary. this is a brown bear walking up on the situation here. the bear kind of yawns like, hey, there is a human inhabitant of this area that human inhabitant would be drew hamilton. he posted this video in 2012. it is just now going viral. drew hamilton works for the department of fish and game. >> why is he making any kind of noise or trying to scare the thing away? >> drew does make noise eventually. >> hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. >> that explains why the guy wasn't panicking or freaking out. wait a minute, it's like a whole herd of bears. now in krueger national park, it's a baby rhino that gets up close.
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>> such a cute, adorable thing. >> that is the funniest thing i have ever seen. >> oh. >> so they're amused as it scampered away until it comes toward them because they realize, you know what? i don't think it's playing with us. >> oh, look at that, look at that. >> it's going to ram our car. >> it doesn't, but think about this if it's funnily groan. >> the mom has to be close by. it is a very young rhino. grown ones, not so cute when they charge your vehicle. >> as you know, the world cup fever is very real. eyes on brazil and what's going on there. we'll check out julio, he is building a soccer pitch.atou're thinking, why would you build something like this? >> finger soccer? >> almost, close. julio did this for his buddy, car low, who is deaf and blind
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but also a huge brazil fan. he wanted to know what was happening during the game. this was the first game brazil and croatia. of course, you remember this game. it was 3-1 brazil. and watch this, they are using sign language and things known as classifiers which can signify the cards, the teams, the jersey numbers of the players, what's happening on the field and on his back just sort of, we think, describe what's happening in the stands. like what the crowd is doing, what the ambiance is like there on the field. >> this is so amazing. what an awesome friend. >> carlos knows what's happening. just watch him. he's reacting when bad things are happening during the game for his team. when good things are happening for his team during games, that's mesmerizing. but watch when brazil scores. watch his reaction. right here is when they score. he goes nuts. in the second half, they score again here. it's like he's at the game.
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>> your guess is probably going to be as good as mine in terms of why these accidents happen when they happen. check this one out. the first one on the tippy top of this hill. they're on a trail, these guys are on their motorcycles. >> a great day. >> everything seems to be going right and then, watch this. >> oh, he miss today trail. probably figured he could cut that corner a little bit, but when he came over the hill, it was more of a wash than a trail. it looks like he tries to lift his wheel a little bit and carry himself over that. >> it's not a bad crash, though. good story and a good piece of video to take home, too. >> this is a very good piece of video. the videos posted by the same person from the same trip. >> oh. >> except when he's at the top,
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he crashes. >> if you can fall without breaking anything on the bike or your body, it's a good day. >> are you all right, buddy? >> this pup is getting all done up. >> going on to be put down. >> hear how the new look is giving him a new outlook on life. >> to celebrate, these new yorkers are going to order pizza from every pizza place, every pizza joint in manhattan. >> see the ultimate pizza party, next. ththisis i is s mamark. work. fofor r ththosose e whwho o wy their days... not just get t thrhrououghgh t . nenew w onone e a a daday y vih energy support.
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welcome back to the show, he. don't forget to check out rig great videos all day long. enjoy. people in homes aren't the only things that need makeovers. sometimes a dog needs a nip and a tuck and stuff like this. this dog is joey. joey was homeless and was at a high risk sheltder. joey was going to be shut down. >> he can't see, he needs a haircut so bad his air was in his eyes. >> but joey was rescued. hollywood grooming to the res cow. they drive up in the van, put joey in the back. the best part of this video is where they break out the blow dryer. it's like air in the dog's face. >> oh, yeah, he digs that. >> oh, look at his face! >> now he can see.
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he got the hair out of his eyes. >> he has these pretty brown eyes that give you the puppy dog eyes. they're all about giving these dogs a new chance. >> i love how they gave him a blue boy. >> he's a boy. >> its works. >> a bow is a bow. >> well, it works because a few dars later, joey was adopted. >> they were fighting over joey. look at that face. >> joey probably thinks, it's a miracle, i can see now. there are other dogs and other people in the world. >> i don't know if you guys know this, but somebody you know very well had a pretty important birthday recently. that somebody, pizza. people say the 125th birthday of the pizza pie. it dates back to june 11, 1898, when a guy made an italian pizza to look like the italian flag. here is what they did. >> we are going to get cheese
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pizza from every pizzeria in manhattan. >> and if you know anything about new york pizza, it's freaking delicious. >> and it's everywhere. >> look t map. look at this. >> they really did order from every single one? that is a whole lot of pizza. >> yes, they really did. this was all sponsored by shock top brewing. they had to divide manhattan into different sections, assign sections to different people on their team and they all went around and got these pizzas, collected them up, brought them back to one location. >> man, i wanted to be invited to this party. this is a pizza party. >> a party they did have. and it goes crazy because there was, like, pizza art installation, we see this guy make something sort of pizza box sculpture. >> he made the leaning tower of pizza. >> with these boxes. and then, of course, they sang happy birthday to pizza. >> this is the reason why we're
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all here. >> this guy is driving a brand new mercedes. why is he so nervous? he gets out of the brand new mercedes and goes up to the door to get his dad. >> the prize. >> this is so sweet. a mere say december, really? >> it's a nice car. he says, hey, dad, it's your new car. instead of a jump for joy reaction, his dad is like, no, you're lying. >> he probably thinks he's get pranked. >> he's seen a ton of prank videos because this video on youtube is full of prank videos. so it takes dad a while. he's skeptical about this car being his. >> is this a prank? this isn't a prank, is it? >> it is not a prank. in fact, even though it takes a
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while for him to convince his dad, when he finally does, man tears. >> i love man tears. >> gives a nice big hug, says thanks, but he seems a bit overcome by the whole moment, goes and takes a seat on the stairs. there it is. >> oh. >> buries his head in his hands. >> well, imagine how beautiful that must feel to have your son give you such a great gift. >> i think he's overcome with pride. your son got to a point where he can afford to buy you a car. you have to feel pretty good about the boy you raised. >> right. that means you're a pretty darn good dad. check out these sweet moves. >> looks like that guy just flung himself off a cliff. >> see why somebody else watching nearby steals the show. plus, parking is a pain unless you plan ahead. >> stay claim on spots no one will mess with. that's a lot of deceit going on. >> united states kind of rude, isn't it?
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>> find out the shady secrets to save a free parking space.
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hard core cliff jumping, these guys doing some cool stuff. they also point out it may be eagle mating season because there are many eagles. >> what are they jumping into? it looks like that guy just flung himself off a cliff. >> basically jumping off of clay cliffs into sand. here is some of the coo stuff they're doing, doing these gainert almost looks like it hurts. it's not like jumping into the
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water. >> but these are pros. they know how to jump and also know how to land. >> don't forget the cool shots of the eagles. >> there's a lot of eagles. it's not just one. >> the guy in the red shorts ru runs, runs, to do that back flip. dare i forget to mention cool shots of this dog also in there. sunday fun days. >> in many cities across the country, parking is kind of a pain in the butt. >> so today, i'm going to show you how to park for free all day and avoid those nasty tickets. >> the guys over at the hacks of life have some ideas. the first idea they give you is the only orange parking cone. >> people somehow don't understand that anyone can buy a used parking cone. had so they won't mess with these. set the cones in your spot. for an added bonus, stencil on no parking because sense ills mean business. >> here is another one where he
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used an old envelope to a parking ticket that you've been issued before. when you find a spot, put an envelope there so it looks like you already got a ticket but you didn't really. that might work, but a lot of times the goes on the street know who they ticketed. >> if you're in a crowded place and you don't want to search for a parking spot for an hour. all you need are some empty boxes. park in a loading zone and put an empty sealed box next to your car or on the curb. now you can go anywhere. >> that's a lot of deceit going on. >> this is for a super crowded place. if there are no spots, we make our own. let's make an entrance, front and center. then put a big red bow on the hood. not just add the conseft sign you made right in sign print that this isn't valid anywhere. >> very creative ideas bordering on shady. >> true. >> remember, kids, don't be a meter name.
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>> guess what? high tech watches. seems like something we kind of already have. >> so a big thing that's being talked about in the tech industry right now is smart watch. so this is a product meant for people who don't have a smart watch, but do have a watch. so it's a smart accessory for your krntly dumb watch. you can see who is calling you, check incoming messages. it does a lot of things to make your watch smart. >> all from the comfort of your watch. >> yes. >> and it's a kick starter. you don't have to have a watch to use this. they say it includes a leather band. so if you want to use the england glance on the phone, take it to the rubber band. >> and next, a smart umbrella? >> this is a smart umbrella.
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first thing is first. when they say umbrella, they don't mean like an umbrella. this is actually an accessory for usd charging for your phone. but not an umbrella at all? >> no, not a real umbrella. i'm going to tell you guys quickly about a term you need to know called juice jacket. so you've probably noticed that your phone not only charges with one cable, but it all syncs data. and charges using the same cable, same port. that's awesome for accessible and usability, it's quick. but the problem is it creates an issue for the security. so there's a security problem with this that if you plug a usb cable into a usb port to charger phone, it's possibly someone can take data off your phone or input malicious code on your phone. >> you could be jacking your juice. >> it's possible that that could be happening. this device cuts off the data
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connection while leaving the power connection intact. >> so it's a safety accessory? >> exactly. >> and with the name umbrella. >> it protects you. >> yes. it's a video game so intense it has people freaking out. how virtual reality is getting ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on.
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take the nestea plunge. nothing refreshes like nestea.
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but prepared to have a ton of margarita strawberries. >> great dane not so great with stairs. >> the second floor of our house.
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video games are progressing every day, they're getting better and better and better. but i don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> i want to see what she's seeing. >> this is a video game, right? this is a virtual reality video game put out by a company called zero latency. >> this woman is losing her mind because she's experiencing as close to virtual reality as they've been able to achieve so far. she has a 3d view in her glasses. those white balls you see are position sensor hes. that helps position her in the game world. but everything is wireless. and she's able to walk freely around this virtual environment. so she's freaking out because what she's seeing and we're not
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looks something like this. now, zero latency has put up page where you can chip into this whole game creation here and you can go play. but it's only in australia right now. it's an australian-based companies. but helping fund them hopefully will bring this thing to you. is that hopefully? do we want this? >> nowadays, you'll need a giant room with no furniture and stuff to play video games. >> you're going to need therapy and sleeping pills. >> stop! >> that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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